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About Us

J. Adam Wagner, DCJ. Adam Wagner, D.C.

Dr. (Adam) Wagner is a Chiropractor in Doylestown PA practicing for nearly 20,000 hours. He obtained a Bachelors degree from Arcadia University in 1987 (name changed from Beaver College). Dr. Wagner received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College (NYCC) in 1996 with honors and was inducted into the Phi Chi Omega Chiropractic National Scholastic Honor Society. Dr. Wagner's experience is chiefly in integrative & multidisciplinary pain management working very closely with acupuncture, physical therapy, anesthesia/interventional pain management, family medicine, neurology and rheumatology medicine practitioners. He was a student tutor in biochemistry and nutrition, pathophysiology, organic chemistry, and lab diagnosis at NYCC. He specializes in combining diagnostic skills, functional assessment, nutritional pain assessment (when needed) and treatment. Dr. Wagner also supports practitioners of physical therapy, acupuncture, allopathic and osteopathic medicine practitioners, for the best possible patient outcomes. Dr. Wagner currently resides in the Doylestown area and spends most of his free time with his favorite person...his daughter. Dr. Wagner also enjoys playing bass guitar (30+years of experience) and has performed with several area bands.

Important Identity Disclaimer: Dr. Adam Wagner does not use this website in his personal correspondence. Any one receiving images or messages from anyone representing themselves to be Dr. John Adam Wagner should consider that communication to be suspect and unauthorized by Dr. J. Adam Wagner. We strongly recommend that you contact the office of Wagner Integrative Therapies if you have received a non-professional communication from anyone who purports to be Dr. J. Adam Wagner.

*Dr. J. Adam Wagner is the Clinical Director of Wagner Integrative Therapies



Jean-Paul Rouzier, L.Ac., ASMT

Jean-Paul is a nationally board certified acupuncturist (NCCAOM) and is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania to practice acupuncture. He is a graduate of the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus Ohio. JP has studied acupuncture in two different hospital settings in Beijing China as part of his education. He also holds an Associate in Science Degree for Massage Therapy. Jean-Paul believes that acupuncture encourages the body to activate its natural healing processes and defenses without any injury to the body, in its simplest terms. “The process has a very low-risk to high-benefit ratio,” says Rouzier.

Born in Haiti, Jean-Paul grew up in the Poconos and is an avid skier & snowboarder. In addition to WIT, Jean-Paul also practices in comprehensive pain management settings in and around Philadelphia, but calls Warrington home. His motivation comes from people who want to take command of their health. We are very fortunate to have Jean-Paul as part of our team at Wagner Integrative Therapies. His intuitive and gentle nature makes him an excellent addition to our practice.

*J.P. Rouzier is an Independent Contractor with Wagner Integrative Therapies


Kelly M. Seitchik, LMT

Kelly is a licensed massage therapist in the State of Pennsylvania and a graduate of the Pennsylvania Institute of Massage Therapy. Kelly's experience includes Swedish Massage, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Active Isolated Stretching, Hydrotherapy, Paraffin Treatment and Aromatherapy. Her specialties include Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, chronic migraine and stress-related headache relief, and a systematic approach to myofascial pain and other associated conditions.

Kelly's biggest hobby is her family. She has a large blended family, two dogs and a horse that keep her quite active when not at work. She loves to cook and poke around in her gardens. When not chasing kids around, Kelly also enjoys practicing yoga, and is an avid equestrian and skier. Kelly is a caring and gifted massage therapist with many hours of experience addressing chronic pain issues. We are so pleased she has joined our team!

*Kelly Seitchik is an Independent Contractor with Wagner Integrative Therapies


Chas J. Billera, C.H.

Chas J. Billera, C.H., is a practicing Hypnotist with experience in the Psychology of Human Behavior, Peak Performance, Personal Development and Self-Empowerment. As a master hypnotist, he has built a long history of helping people make positive changes in their life. Chas is very passionate about the field of Hypnosis and Personal Development and is constantly learning new and innovative ways to help his clients.

Always trying to refine and develop his techniques, Chas practices an 'Avant Guarde' Style of Hypnotherapy. As a master in his field, he is also an avid researcher on Sound & Vibrational Healing as well as a practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He is a regular participant and contributor to The Upper Bucks Chamber of Commerce.

*Chas J. Billera is an Independent Contractor with Wagner Integrative Therapies


Vicki P. MessinaVicki P. Messina, Managing Partner

Vicki Messina has been managing multi-discipline medical offices since 2005. She has provided support for medical and professional providers of chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, dermatology, aesthetics, and family medicine. As an office manager, Vicki focuses on providing patients and their doctors with excellence in communications, general office management, insurance reconciliation, support, and staffing.

Prior to her medical office experience, Vicki worked for 7 years as a remedial reading support teacher in
the Central Bucks School District. Vicki volunteers for Quilts for Kids and has acted as treasurer of Healing Art Works, Inc., both local non-profit organizations. A mother of 3 young adults, Vicki is originally from New Jersey, but has lived in Bucks County, PA with her family since 1996.

For more information about:

Quilts for Kids; go to www.quiltsforkids.org

Healing Art Works, Inc.; go to www.healingartworks.org

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy


Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physio Therapies and Therapeutic Massage are individualized and complimentary outpatient services at WIT.

Our beautiful new facility in Buckingham, was designed so that complimentary outpatient therapies are available to our patients simultaneously. With private offices, open gym, an open treatment area, acupuncture room, massage room, and a open reception hub with separate waiting area, create a positive place for patients to come for their care. We offer exceptional Integrative Therapies because we are committed to our patients' recovery from chronic or acute pain, injury, surgery, and aging issues. Often, combining treatments gives patients the best possible opportunity for a favorable outcome. Exceptional practitioners and superior customer service, make Wagner Integrative Therapies a unique environment for recovery.

Wagner Integrative Therapies is directed by J. Adam Wagner, D.C. Our physical therapy group is professionally owned and operated by James M. Kensicki, PC. While both companies maintain private ownership, and billing services, they share their mission statement, location, and access.

WIT is happy to work with your medical insurances. Chiropractic is in-network with a variety of regional and out-of-area insurances. We work with patients who have Keystone HMO, BC/BS, Personal Choice PPO, Medicare, United Health Care, Aetna and many others. For complete insurance participation and information, please call our office for personalized service. Workman's Comp and Auto accidents accepted. (Some of the services we offer are not covered by insurance.)



Patients, Friends, Partners...

As a patient, Vicki Messina originally came to know J. Adam Wagner, D.C. in 2004, after suffering from debilitating back pain. Vicki later became an employee of the facility where Adam maintained his practice. Jay Messina, suffering from bursitis of the knee and shoulder, sought treatment from Dr. Wagner in 2005. Jay was terribly dissatisfied with the lack of sustained results he received from allopathic care alone. “Dr. Wagner was able to diagnose and treat my pain like no other practitioner,” Jay said, “his technique and approach helped me right away, AND he identified the cause of my pain so I could learn to avoid re-injury.” The Messina’s also entrusted their daughter, who has suffered from a variety of symptoms and maladies since early childhood, to Dr. Wagner’s care. “Adam was able to put all of pieces of her puzzle together for the first time”, and according to Vicki and Jay, “Dr. Wagner’s insight made all the difference in choosing a treatment for our daughter, and she finally learned how to live comfortably with her conditions.”


Recognizing Adam’s talents and values; his unique brand of "Pain Management", his emphasis on superior patient outcome, his devotion to ethics, efficiency, professionalism, and one on one cohesive interaction, the Messina’s joined with Dr. Wagner to form Taormina Management, LLC, whose DBA name is now Wagner Integrative Therapies. Jay is a specialist in Pharmaceutical & Health Care Development in the greater Philadelphia region. Dr. Wagner is pleased to be providing care in Doylestown where most of his patients live and/or work. Vicki, now the administrator of WIT, provides management and marketing for the practice.